Saturday, January 11, 2014

Very Valentine Sight Words

Being a newlywed, I find myself wanting to stay in more and more these days. Staying in and.....well...mostly eating cookies, cake, brownies..really whatever has sugar in it. This has become a problem, folks. So tonight I decided I would use some of that energy to make something new and fun for my kiddos.

Luckily, my favorite holiday is right around the corner, so it was pretty easy to decide what I wanted to do.. Something to do with Valentine's Day!
My kids can never get too much practice when it comes to sight words, so I decided to mix the two together! I came up with some flash cards with sentences on them to practice fluency. I chose the sight words my school uses for their kinder babies, but I would be more than happy to add more words to the packet if necessary. Here is a little preview of the cards!
Very Valentine Sight Words

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