Friday, January 10, 2014

New Beginnings

Hello! I am so glad to be joining the blogging world!
To tell you a little about myself, My name is Ellen and I am a Kindergarten teacher in Oklahoma. I just adore my job {most days ;-)} Teaching can be challenging, but it really is just wonderful to see how your kiddos can change and grow in such a short amount of time.
It has been mighty cold here in Oklahoma and my little ones have been settling back into the New Year with some review activities. Although they can never get enough practice with those tricky teen numbers!
I made these one-to-one correspondence puzzles for the kiddos to match the numbers to the corresponding amount of penguins. They loved counting the little penguins and of course they love the sense of accomplishment they get when they match up all the pieces correctly!

You can download this little freebie, here:

Penguin Pair Up

You can also purchase the puzzles with number words here:

Have fun with the puzzles and have a wonderful weekend!!

-Mrs. Briggs

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