Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Look!

The first thing I have to say is that The Cutest Blog on The Block is amazing! I contacted them through their website and within a little over a week I have this gorgeous new blog! THANK YOU SO MUCH! If anyone needs a little blog pretty-ing, you must contact them! A dream to work with.
Anywho! Back to room 202 for some ten frame fun! At the beginning of the year we really worked on what a ten frame is and how to understand them. Now that we are focusing on teen numbers - we are adding another ten frame and trying to match the teen numbers to the corresponding ten frames!
We first matched the ten frames to the numbers as a whole group.
I then added this matching game to one of our math tubs with a corresponding worksheet to check for accuracy. The worksheet really helps for me to see if they are understanding the concept or not. Then I can plan to revisit if necessary.

These activities and more can be found in my winter math activities packet! Click the image below to check in out!! :)

Winter Wonderland {Kindergarten Math Activities}

I would love to know of any other fabulous ideas anyone has for practicing teen numbers! Can never get enough practice.
Anywho! Tomorrow is Friiiiiiday and I can't lie about being excited for the weekend! Talk to you soon!

-Mrs. Briggs


  1. Hi Ellen! I love the look of your blog! How fun! What was the custom design experience like? Did TCBOTB show you an example of what your blog might look like before it was finished? Were you able to give them a lot of input? I'm so fascinated by this idea! Congrats on the new blog design!

    A Chocolate Dudley

    1. I SWEAR I responded to this a month ago...! How strange! The experience was AMAZING and SOOO easy. I submitted my request, a designer contacted me and asked me a few simple questions. I showed her blog examples that I was interested in, she asked me some more questions to get a better understanding, then went right to work! She showed me quite a few different templates (all similar) and I got to change whatever I wanted or scrap all of her ideas and start all over. But she hit the nail on the head! She got it so right the first try. She was wonderful and it was so well worth it. I LOVE the way my blog works now. Money well spent!