Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Addition Paper Chains

We have been working extremely hard in room 202 on composing and decomposing numbers! Solving addition problems can be a tricky task for a five year old so I am constantly looking for new and exciting ways to help them understand. Recently I found a really fun idea on Pinterest that I just had to try out!
For this activity we used pre-cut orange and blue pieces of construction paper. The kiddos then chose an addition problem that equaled ten or less and picked out the correct number of construction paper strips to represent the problem. They wrote the problem on a sentence strip and my sweet assistant helped to staple the rings together and hook on the number sentence with a paper clip. I then hung these up on the ceiling in our room! Now the kiddos get to look at the different ways to make different numbers all day long!
Here are some photo of our activitiy:

The original idea was found here:
Although it seems the link doesn't actually follow through to the blog it came from. If anyone knows where the original blog is please let me know. Got to give credit where credit is due!!

Have a wonderful evening all! It's almost Wednesday! ;-)

-Mrs. Briggs

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