Sunday, April 13, 2014

Miscellaneous Goodness

Oklahoma is about to get hit with some scary storminess so I thought I would stop by and share before all that began in my town!
Last time I posted I talked a little about opinion writing and how we are about to start diving into Spring learning. Well I then came across this adorable little blog post by Cara Carroll. I adore pretty much everything she does in the classroom, but this was just TOO PERFECT to pass up.
We first read the wonderful book "Hey, Little Ant" by Phillip M. Hoose.
This book is ADORABLE - And the ending asks the reader what they think the little boy should do.. should he squish the ant or not? So thanks to Cara's wonderful idea, we used this as a jumping off point for an adorable opinion writing craftivity. Here are some of my favorite results:
"I think the boy should squish him because he is naughty."

"I think the boy should squish him because he eats people's food."

"I think the little boy should take the ant home."

"I do not think the boy should squish the ant because he has a family."
Some were merciless. Some were adorable. Either way, I LOVED them!
Moving on to a quick, fun way to keep on making sight words fun even at the end of the year! I made these fun little sight word headbands for them to make at the end of the week to wear around to reinforce the practice of the word. They color the word, trace it and write it in a sentence, and then practice reading the sentences in order to improve fluency. They really like this one. You can click on the image below to purchase this little activity in my shop!

Last, but not least of the random things going on in my head that I wanted to share with you is this fun little behavior incentive I use in my classroom. I can not remember where I got the original idea, but I certainly don't believe my little brain came up with this one. I used a button maker, a printer, and some simple star stickers in order to make these. I let my kiddos wear them for the entire day whenever I notice them making a "good choice." Then all day other adults ask them about the good choice they made and they get an opportunity to share over and over! It makes them so proud. Simple. Cheap. And EFFECTIVE!


Alright..I'm going to go hide from the storm!
Here comes the hail!
Mrs. Briggs

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kinders on the GO!

We just wrapped up our unit on transportation and are about to dive into learning about SPRING! :) But before we do that, I wanted to share some things we did in my classroom.
First and foremost before beginning our learning, I asked my kiddos what they THOUGHT they knew about "transportation." I love when they don't have a clue! So much more fun to teach them about a topic. {Please pardon my messy handwriting!}
Then I checked out 24 books about transportation from the school library and let my kiddos do some "research." After giving them some time to look through these nonfiction texts, I gave them a square of paper and had them draw or write something that they noticed, thought was interesting, etc. You can see below that they saw all kinds of things! Labels, bicycles, airplanes, cars, hot air balloons, trucks, and more!

THEN in the following days we learned about transportation by sea....{and recorded all the things we learned!}

Did the same by air...

And land.... :)

 Along with all of this new learning, we were also discussing our opinions. We made a quick anchor chart {which I forgot to take a picture of..!} and read a few books like Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late by Mo Williams. We then talked about how the pigeon was working so hard to convince the reader he should be able to drive the bus/stay up late. We talked about how an opinion is something that you feel and that you should tell why you feel that way. We took a crack at writing about our favorite kind of transportation and why and here are some of the results!

"I like plane because it goes fast."

"My favorite transportation is cars because they are fast."

 "I like cars because they are safe."

 "I like helicopters."

We are still working on the WHY we like things, but this was the first time we tried out opinion writing so I would say it went pretty well! :)
We also made some pretty cute trains to practice their last names. This was an idea I saw on Pinterest, but I switched it up and used it to practice their last names instead of their first.

I think they turned out pretty stinkin' cute!
Anyways... I'm EXHAUSTED! So I am out of here.
Happy Wednesday!
-Mrs. Briggs

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Definate Blogging Lull & Helping Henry!

Spring fever has definitely set in and my blogging has taken a hard hit! I promise to be back ASAP to talk about some transportation activities we have been doing in my classroom.
I wanted to share with you a quick story about a little boy named Henry, who within 48 hours after receiving a vaccination at his 15th month check up. Henry developed cerebellar ataxia, absence seizures, and signs of possible brain damage. He has been in and out of the hospital and undergone plasma infusions. You can visit the Healing For Henry Facebook Page for more information.
In the meantime, some wonderful people got together and decided to do what little they could to help. 30 teachers donated well over $100 worth of teaching products for this fundraiser. You can have all of these for your $20 donation to help Henry! Your donation will go to Help Henry's family pay for the numerous plasma transfusions required to help little Henry get well.
Please click on the link below to donate!
Mrs. Briggs