Sunday, April 13, 2014

Miscellaneous Goodness

Oklahoma is about to get hit with some scary storminess so I thought I would stop by and share before all that began in my town!
Last time I posted I talked a little about opinion writing and how we are about to start diving into Spring learning. Well I then came across this adorable little blog post by Cara Carroll. I adore pretty much everything she does in the classroom, but this was just TOO PERFECT to pass up.
We first read the wonderful book "Hey, Little Ant" by Phillip M. Hoose.
This book is ADORABLE - And the ending asks the reader what they think the little boy should do.. should he squish the ant or not? So thanks to Cara's wonderful idea, we used this as a jumping off point for an adorable opinion writing craftivity. Here are some of my favorite results:
"I think the boy should squish him because he is naughty."

"I think the boy should squish him because he eats people's food."

"I think the little boy should take the ant home."

"I do not think the boy should squish the ant because he has a family."
Some were merciless. Some were adorable. Either way, I LOVED them!
Moving on to a quick, fun way to keep on making sight words fun even at the end of the year! I made these fun little sight word headbands for them to make at the end of the week to wear around to reinforce the practice of the word. They color the word, trace it and write it in a sentence, and then practice reading the sentences in order to improve fluency. They really like this one. You can click on the image below to purchase this little activity in my shop!

Last, but not least of the random things going on in my head that I wanted to share with you is this fun little behavior incentive I use in my classroom. I can not remember where I got the original idea, but I certainly don't believe my little brain came up with this one. I used a button maker, a printer, and some simple star stickers in order to make these. I let my kiddos wear them for the entire day whenever I notice them making a "good choice." Then all day other adults ask them about the good choice they made and they get an opportunity to share over and over! It makes them so proud. Simple. Cheap. And EFFECTIVE!


Alright..I'm going to go hide from the storm!
Here comes the hail!
Mrs. Briggs


  1. I LOVE that book! I remember doing this with my kids when we worked on persuasive! So much fun!

    The Lesson Chef

  2. I love the pins that your kiddos get to wear. I just saw that idea on Pinterest and I really want to try it in my classroom!

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain