Monday, January 13, 2014

All Sorts of Sorts!

Hello Hello!
Good evening everyone! I hope you had a wonderful day doing whatever it is that you do! :)
I wanted to talk digraphs, baby! How do you all teach those tricky beginning sounds?
My school uses a phonics curriculum called "secret stories." These are wonderful FUN tools that teach the kiddos phonics tools through easily memorable short stories.
To supplement this new learning, I made a little activity for my kiddos to sort words pictures by their beginning digraph! We did this as a whole group activity and then I added the sort to my pocket chart station during my daily literacy rotations.
Here is a picture of one of my smarties doing the sort this morning!
She LOVED it! I also really enjoy when they don't recognize the picture. This is a great opportunity to teach them a word they don't know!

You can buy this sort on TPT from the link below

All Sorts of Sorts - Digraphs
This product not only includes a pocket chart sort, but it also includes two printable sorting worksheets! Click the link above for more images!
Happy Digraph-ing!
Good night, sleep tight!
-Mrs. Briggs

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