Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finally a 100th Day

In Oklahoma, we have had, as my coworker from Texas called it, a "hard" winter. I asked her if she was Laura Engels Wilder after a comment like that. :) Having lived here my whole life - I don't think it has been too bad, but we have been off of school quite a few days. Some of those days it was just plain too cold for the little ones to wait for the buses. Regardless, we have used up every single one of our allotted snow days. If we miss even ONE more, we will officially be schoolin' in June. Which is not something this kindergarten teacher would be too thrilled about! (too honest?)
I was FINALLY the 100th day of school. I have to admit, I am NOT usually the teacher that goes all out for events like this. When you have 24 five/six year olds in a classroom that I deem too small for that number of little people and you then mix in all the excitement from special events - oh boy! They go insane. Coupled with the fact we haven't been able to have outside recess all. week. long.... eek!
Again I digress...back to the 100th day. I didn't go all out like some do. Although that is a goal of mine - to eventually do more fun and exciting 100th day themed activities.. BUT I did have all of my sweet little ones dress up like they were 100 years old. Which was adorable. Here are a couple photos...

My attempt at a bun on top of my head was a total failure. As was my cat tshirt, broach, keds, and sweater. I promise I will try to do better next year... ;-) BUT dang - those little ones looked pretty darn adorable! And they're what is important, right?
10+ parents donated small snack items that could be counted out simply. For example..cheerios, raisins, chocolate chips, goldfish, etc. So my assistant (who wore curlers in her hair today! - bless her) set out all the items on our reading table and my students, three or so at a time, went around with Ziploc bags and counted out 10 of each item until they had 100. It was such a fun way to practice counting by 10s. We then watched a little Netflix for our "brain break" today while we enjoyed these yummies - and took the rest home to eat for an afternoon snack. They LOVED this activity and it was extremely easy and took barely any preparation...which is sometimes how I need things to be!
Here's a pic so you can get an idea of what I am talking about!
Like I said, my kiddos loved this and it took about 6 minutes of prep time. Today we had art and computers AND had to prepare a poster about Sweden for our Winter Olympics parade tomorrow so, again, like I said..time was of the essence! :)
Anyways I will stop babbling and leave you now in peace.
Talk to you soon!
-Mrs. Briggs

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