Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Community Helpers

UPDATE! Still haven't stopped obsessively watching The Walking Dead. END UPDATE.. ;-)
I actually just wanted to share a QUICK little update about what we have been learning about the past week and are currently wrapping up.. Communities & Community Helpers!!
We started off our unit by making a list of what we thought a community was...
(My favorite is "rock.") :) HA!
We then read all about communities, talked to experts, and did research online and on our iPads. We then read this FABULOUS book... Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran.
I am NOT kidding. If you haven't read this book or you don't own a copy - go buy one. RIGHT NOW. Have you bought one yet? Because you should. It breaks down the idea of communities into the most simple of ways. Long story short - these little kids create a community out of rocks & boxes. Get it yet? ROXABOXEN? Yes. Too cute.
But this REALLY helps my kids understand the idea of what it takes to make up a community. So we then made up a list of all the things we think it takes to make up a community using those post it's you see there and we also listed them on a small chart tablet along with what a community REALLY is. :)
After doing all of this we decided to make our own community using construction paper! I can't lie...this was a little stressful with just me + 24 kids, but I did my best to keep calm and collected. HA! I divided the kids up and they each decided what they wanted to contribute to the's pretty amazing what we came up with!

Isn't that the cutest thing you've EVER seen???
They added homes, churches, veterinarians, a mall, doctor's office, school, train, road, fire station, police station...they had it ALL!
I was so proud of them! And even though I was insanely stressed out, it was worth it & turned out SO wonderfully. We are still talking about community helpers and we are finishing up the unit with a little "easy reader" action. A little book from my Communities Unit where they have to fill in the blanks with information about each community helper. Talk a sneak peak!
They are LOVING this little activity. It will be great because they can keep this in their book box or take it home and share what they learned with their parents at home. I love it!
You can click on the picture above to purchase this from my shop!
Alright...back to The Walking Dead!!! AHHH! :)
-Mrs. Briggs


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