Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A little St. Patrick's Day Fun

We did a bunch of fun St. Patrick's Day themed activities, but I wanted to share with you a few of my FAVORITES. :)
First I asked my littles what they already knew about St. Patrick's Day. We then read this wonderful book by Brenda Haugen that gave some great background information about the holiday. You can click the picture above to purchase.
We then used a TON of activities from Cara Caroll at the The First Grade Parade. One of my favorites was her word family sort.
I noticed my kiddos were having trouble distinguishing between the different word family sounds, so this was the perfect activity! It also came with a wonderful pocket chart sort. I loveee everything in her little March packet!
We also did a little sight word practice...
This fun activity comes from my little St. Patrick's Day Packet. The kiddos have to write down the sight words they find around the room and sort them by how many letters are in the word. I also added a differentiated option where the kiddos can just write down the sight words they find if they are not ready to sort by letters. :) You can purchase that packet by clicking on the picture above. absolute FAVORITE activity we did was a writing activity (which I found on Pinterest, of course!). After reading some books about luck, we made a little text-to-self connection by thinking of times that WE felt lucky. It was so cute to see what some of my kiddos wrote!!
"I felt lucky when I got a bird"

"When I went to Chuck-e-cheese"

"I felt lucky when I lost a tooth."
How precious are they??? I just love them all.
I hope you are lucky & on spring break! If so..enjoy it!!!! :)
-Mrs. Briggs

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